The warriors of today, web browsing superheroes.

When browsing on the internet, most people go straight to facebook so let’s set this as the example, you will always find those who think they are very tough. The internet has become a mask for those who can’t fight for themselves in real life but also for those who don’t want the¬†consequences of their words to hit them. Sure it’s a good way to get things off your chest without making people angry but what about those who use this method to really hurt people. Even my own blog is a mask to unwind and share my opinion without hurting people or making them angry. So why do people do this? Is it a way to bully people or is it because people are scared to show who they are? The most important question is.. do they know what they are doing?

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The discimination sensation.

Living here in the Netherlands means having to deal with people from other countries. We live, work and sometimes sleep together side by side and this means adopting different cultures into our own. Being such a blend isn’t that bad, it’s bad that our own traditions and culture are being pushed away. If that is not bad enough, other countries wage war and where do the people go? We take m by the hand and lead them straight into our already full country. We, the dutch people, are already a minority in our own country so does this mean we’re not the dutch anymore? We’re still the dutch, don’t you worry. Walking on the street and hearing that dutch girls are for ****ing and muslim girls are to marry and love makes you wonder, where is this going?

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Man! I feel like a woman.

So in a world where everything is constantly changing it’s no wonder people want to change themselves. However this is not always the reason why a person wants to be someone else or rather be themselves. There is a woman living nearby and she told me about being a transgender, not to confuse with transginger (watch South Park to get this). We can joke all we want but this is a serious matter for a person feeling that way and the cause isn’t always confusion or personal gain like south park would have you believe. Their struggle is real but where does it come from?

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Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X-2 takes place three years after you brought the calm in Final Fantasy X. Since then Yuna has joined Rikku and Paine to become a sphere hunter. The main game exists of five chapters with a variety of locations and missions to complete. The game has three endings and the only way to view them all is to complete the game 100%. This means that you have to complete almost every missions, search every corner and talk to every person. Hopefully this guide will end your distress in not finding everything but don’t go crying about spoilers.

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A fantasy offline

Ow dear, they did it! Since a week or two the remake of Final Fantasy X/X2 HD made it’s way into the PS4 console. But first I have to apologize to my American bestie for not buying the online game and to make it up to her I have been a good Atayla. So of course like a good little Atayla I have been sitting on the couch playing the game (fan of old school gaming). A few years ago I had played the game but never completed it and since the stories are addictive I had to play the whole game…. and tell my bestie about it when i’m done.

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A fantasy online

There was a new girl in town from America and I was sitting there all awkward not knowing who I was going to meet, shyness all over the place. When we actually met it was like we have been friends for years. We started talking about gaming and final fantasy came out as the head topic. She’s been playing final fantasy online and I wasn’t sure if it was even a bit playable. Of course she told me it was a good game, about the options the game had, how you were not bound to one class and soon I started to believe her. So when I came home I turned the PS4 on and downloaded the final fantasy online game trial (14 days free).

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Parents, their place in our lives.

Parents, they love us and we love them but how do they fit into our busy daily lives?

We all love our parents and they love us no matter what happens. The love that exists between parent and child is never ending. So how come that it’s not always enough? How do we pull through a rough patch with them? Is it possible to always be around each other or is distance needed?¬†There is no mistake about it your parents love you and you love them no matter what. Does this make it possible to always be together or even just talk to each other? When a normal friend or a big crush let’s you down that’s mostly all they wrote but what about family?

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Neighbor, problem?

Are your neighbors annoying you? Or are you just that easily annoyed?

Every person has some annoying neighbor at some point in his/her life but is that really your neighbors fault or is it just that you are easily annoyed. Loud music, party every weekend or children screaming every day and night. So how do we decide what is too much and what is acceptable. Of course there are laws to help us make things acceptable but what if your neighbor does not know them? Do you talk to them or do you call the police? Do you start a neighbor war or do you try and sit down with some coffee?

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Health “care”

Do they care?

How is it possible that doctors take an oath and then from time to time they ”forget”. Do no harm, that’s a part of the oath a doctor has to take before he/she can practice medicine. They all have to do this, then how the F is it possible to send patients away because they can’t pay or even sending people home because they have no more rooms left?

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Starting the place to unwind, why?

Hello and welcome to my first post!

Our parents tell us to be nice to our classmates from day 1 you go to school. They tell us we should behave, share with others and be polite to the elderly. They hope we grow up to be strong and independent, wise and intelligent. People talk, the internet beeps around and the tv is on 24/7. How is it possible to never stray from the path our parents lay down before us? Simple answer, it is not.

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